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Even more pictures of  our little chocolate boy !!!


Stapper deceased 13-08-2007 
Midas deceased 31-12-2003 
Noisa Picture of Noisa and link to Noisa's pagesdeceased 17-1-2003
Arwen Picture of Arwen and link to Arwens pagesdeceased 21-8-2002 


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Wachtwoord, is : stapper
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Other nice links (in dutch):

De kat z'n viool  (cat-art and -poetry)
Rietkat(Stappers friend Puddie / anorexia)
Kattenpagina(ALL about cats) 
Esje's homepage (Stappers friend Esje)
Cybertedje  (Stappers friend Tedje)
Easyblues(Cattery where Tedje lives) 
and in english:

Els' homepage  (Russian blue and housecats)
De kat z'n viool  (cat-art and -poetry)


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